Yvonne in the Eye of Dog

Today’s feature is Kathryn Kulpa’s  pithy flash piece, Yvonne in the Eye of Dog , a poignant, fully-realized story in under 500 words.

….Yvonne is down on options, down on her luck. Listening to the sighs and snores of her dog asleep in the back seat, the beat of rain on the roof. Her world the smell of wet dog. Her face in the mirror, hair wild, curling in the damp. Everything about her seems high-contrast, vampirish. Face white, except for that bruise her cover-up won’t cover. Tired eyes. White eyeliner is the trick for that, Teena had taught her. No white eyeliner in Yvonne’s make-up bag. No black, either. Almost out of tricks. She pats more cover-up on her eyelids, feels the oils in the makeup separate.

read the full story, free, in Cleaver’s wintry mix!


Kathryn Kulpa is the author of the story collection Pleasant Drugs, a winner of the Mid-List Press First Series Award in short fiction. Her short stories and flash fiction have also been published in the Six-Word Memoir anthology series and in Camroc Press Review, Literary OrphansMonkeybicycle, Superstition Review, Metazen, Florida Review, and other journals.

Author photo by Eugenia Hepworth Petty