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Cleaver Book Reviews Editor Nathaniel Popkin, author of Lion and Leopard, a 2013 novel set in the tumultuous art world of 19th century Philadelphia, appears next week at book events in Philadelphia and Brooklyn:

June 8 at the Chestnut Hill Book Festival. Nathaniel will be appearing for a talk/reading at 4:15 at the Chestnut Hill Hotel, 8229 Germantown Avenue (Info: http://www.chestnuthillbookfestival.com).

June 10 at the Morbid Anatomy Museum. Nathaniel will give an illustrated lecture “Humankind first, Brutes After: Charles Willson Peale, his Museum, and Collecting and Categorizing Nature in the Early US.” He’ll sign books and read from Lion and Leopard too. 8PM, 424A 3rd Avenue (corner 7th Street and 3rd Ave), Brooklyn (Info: www.observatoryroom.org/2014/04/29/humankind-first-brutes-after-charles-willson-peale-his-museum-and-collecting-and-categorizing-nature-in-the-early-us).

June 14 at the Woodmere Art Museum. Nathaniel will give a talk on “Tales of Philadelphia’s Art World: Past and Present,” in conjunction with Woodmere’s annual show, 9201 Germantown Avenue (Info: www.woodmereartmuseum.org/calendar/lectures).

Nathaniel-Popkin-smaller“Nathaniel Popkin’s new novel LION AND LEOPARD (Head & Hand Press, 2013) is set in early nineteenth Century Philadelphia, and features historical figures such as Charles Willson Peale, Raphaelle Peale, and the German painter John Lewis Krimmel. A historical incident sets the plot in motion—a mysterious death at a mill pond— and the novel’s descriptions are so earthy you can almost smell the cowpaths. Yet Popkin says Lion and Leopard is not historical fiction but rather a contemporary piece that deals with universal themes of originality, duplicity, family, friendship, power struggles and unexpected twists of fate. Indeed, the dialogue-rich writing uses slang that you might overhear on the streets today. And the issues are familiar.” –Roberta Fallon, “A Conversation with Author Nathaniel Popkin”