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In May 2013 Cleaver added a book review section to supplement our quarterly literary content. Since then we’ve been publishing weekly reviews of new poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from small presses and university presses. Our reviews are thoughtful, essay-style discussions of new work that we think is important and want to share with you.

So much credit goes to our review editors who search out new titles, work with our reviewers, and doing a fantastic job curating the review section. A shout-out to each of them!

Fiction Reviews Editor Nathaniel Popkin, himself an accomplished fiction writer, as well as one of the most important cultural voices in Philadelphia.

Graphic Narrative Reviews Editor Tahneer Oksman, a scholar and professor who directs the writing program at Marymount Manhattan College, writes frequently on graphic novels and comics in the press.

Toronto-based Michelle Fost, our Reviews Editor-at-Large, curates reviews of both fiction and creative nonfiction. Michelle is also a fiction writer and one of Cleaver’s fiction editors.

Our newest editor, Matthew Girolami, a 2013 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, brings tremendous energy, breadth, and a roster of talented new critics to Cleaver’s poetry review pages. His most recent editorial contribution is J. G. McGlure’s thoughtful review of BIRDS ON THE KISWAR TREE, a new collection from 2 Leaf Press by Peruvian poet Odi Gonzales, translated by poet, fiction writer, critic (and sometimes Cleaver author) Lynn Levin. “Rich and complex in its exploration of syncretism, subversion, history, art, what is recovered, and what is lost…” writes McGlure, a North Carolina native and MFA candidate at U.C. Irvine.

McGlure’s review of BIRDS ON THE KISWAR TREE is our 100th review! We can’t wait to read and tell you about 100, 200, 1000 more new literary works from small presses.

If you are a small press writer, editor, or marketing director looking to have your new work reviewed, contact us at editor@cleavermagazine.com. If you’re a prospective reviewer, we’d love to read your samples and welcome you to get in touch with us for publications guidelines.