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Issue 7 Cover

New Pages Reviews editor Kirsten McIlvenna posted a review today of Cleaver Issue No. 7 highlighting the work of several established and emerging writers and artists:

“…After reading Amelia Fowler’s “Space and Time,” I was surprised to find out that it is her first publication. Props to Cleaver for snatching her up, because I imagine there is only more publications to come for this writer…”

“…Tammy Delatorre’s ‘Living Arrangements’…is cleverly threaded and relatable, even to those who have had better luck with living arrangements than Delatorre seems to have had…”

“…I was particularly amused by Alli Katz’s Cats collection, a graphic narrative by Emily Steinberg about her struggle to become pregnant through all means available, fiction, flash pieces, and, of course, poetry. One poem I read multiple times is Brian Clifton’s ‘Office Supplies’”…”