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Issue-10-Cover-for-slideshowWoo-hoo! Cleaver Magazine’s 10th issue is live! Check out our summer reading list chockablock with short fiction, flash, poetry, creative nonfiction, and more!

Fans of Emily Steinberg will be thrilled to see her new graphic narrative, A Mid Summer Soirée, with intro by Tahneer Oksman! Other returning contributors include Nick Kolakowski and Mercedes Lawry.

Check out this blog post by emerging writer Charnell Peters, whose piece SYNESTHESIA AND YOU appears in our Flash section. Charnell is a student at Taylor University majoring in writing.

Issue 10 of Cleaver Magazine came out today, and my piece “Synesthesia and You” was included! It’s a 174 word flash about synesthesia and a lost relationship that evolved from poem to prose and back again several times during the course of the semester.

Since I’m new to the flash fiction world, I searched for a few weeks to find a magazine that would be a good fit. I first stumbled upon Cleaver Magazine while wandering the Internet in search of anything to do with Archer, one of my favorite TV shows. There that I found this essay: Crossing the Emotional Landscape: Archer, Bob’s Burgers, and Contemporary Poetry by J.G. McClure. If you like any of these things, you should read this essay! It was good enough to make me stay and browse, and it was well worth the time. Cleaver always has a nice variety of voices, styles, and subjects, and I’m glad my 174 word baby found a home there.–Charnell Peters