Written by Rosie Huf

This morning, change is in the air. My body is electric with anticipation as CNN news anchors count down the hours until our next president is elected: Clinton or Trump. I cannot deny that I am a little worried about the outcome. So much trauma has been left in the wake of these competing giants. So many truths have been revealed about the world in which I live and the people who surround me. I am also not alone in feeling this consuming anxiety. A thick layer of  dirt has been wiped away from the lens through which most people view America. After today, citizens will be left trying to comprehend this new vision of ourselves as well as the national narrative that remains. Change is inevitable, no matter who is sworn into office this coming January. And, at this moment, that change scares me.

But, I did my part. I voted. I lobbied for my chosen candidate among family and friends. To fret now over things outside my control would be a useless expenditure of precious energy. As Lao Tzu once wrote, “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” So, I will do exactly that and I will rejoice or mourn today’s results as they come in, but will not let them affect me more than momentarily.

Instead, I will focus wholly on the positive, innovative, and exciting changes occurring here at Cleaver Magazine (Cleaver). Changes that I can to an extent control or sway or support with elated vigor.

What changes you ask? Oh, so many! Recently, Cleaver began publishing radio plays. Our first went live October 25, 2016. It is available for free download on iTunes. “Dreams of the Clock Maker,” is an 18 minute one act play written by Sean Gill, performed by Kelly Chick and produced by Grace Connolly. The story revolves around The Shadow Lady and The Clock Maker, two beings who exist in a modern, paranormal reality. Both are in search of answers. Both have the ability to change the world as they know it. In the end only one succeeds, for the better or worse of their society. This play and the many set to follow are perfect companions for a long commute. Or, if you’re just in the mood for a brief, old-school radio drama with a contemporary twist, then we’ve got you covered there too.

The radio plays will be published quarterly. The submission period is rolling. And, each published playwright will receive an honorarium of $100 upon production. Grace Connolly, the producer, says she looks forward to scripts that “display a clear dramatic arc, and where the world of the play or the characters undergo a change of some kind in order to fulfill this journey: Something must happen!”  To read or listen to the radio plays, click here. For more details on submission requirements, click here.

Two other promising additions to Cleaver’s already awesome line-up are our new Twitter campaigns: #ThwackItTuesday and #ThwackAnEditor. Both hashtags offer increased access to Cleaver Magazine for writers, editors, readers, and those keen on submitting.

Every Tuesday from sun up to sun down, Cleaver staff will monitor the #ThwackItTuesday live feed for intriguing tweets of micro fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The most creative tweets will be liked and retweeted. The particularly inspired ones will be memorialized on the Cleaver “Editors Blog” every Sunday evening.

Each Wednesday, Cleaver editors will monitor the #ThwackAnEditor live feed for questions on craft and issues related to literary magazines. We will choose 5 to 10 solid questions, pitch them to a Cleaver editor, and then post the answers 2 days later on the Cleaver “Editors Blog.”

I am very, very excited to see what people post using these hashtags.

The last and latest thwack-worthy updates to Cleaver Magazine are:

1) the arrival of our new Craft Essays Editors: Stephanie Reents, Lisa Romeo, and Grant Clauser; and,

2) the addition of our Travel Essays section, managed by Lilly Brown.

These editors are looking for nonfiction work that inform readers as well as exemplify cutting-edge, transgressive language. For submission guidelines and deadlines click on either following link: Craft or Travel.

In retrospect, even with the looming election results, there is a lot of positive change to be excited about this fall So, I will continue to drink my coffee, bite my nails, and hold my dog, praying for the results to come and go already. And, I will focus on the upcoming radio plays, essays, and #ThwackItTuesday POVs to be published on

Rosie-Huf-200 Rosie Huf is the Feature Editor for Cleaver Magazine’s Editors’ Blog and Life As Activism category. Recently, she received her Master of Liberal Studies degree as well as Certificate of Nonfiction and Publishing from Arizona State University. Additionally, she has several interviews published in Superstition Review and is the author of blog “” When not writing,  Rosie spends her time reading, cooking, and traveling. Rosie also handles Cleaver’s social media.