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LIFE AS ACTIVISM originated from a need for action, protest, and solidarity. We began this feature seeking works with the theme #ResistTrump. Now we are looking for a broader spectrum of work with social justice themes.

November: “Healthcare in America”

Submit work:

  • that speaks to the importance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or health-insurance, in general;
  • that showcases the strength of individuals and/or family members overcoming the obstacles associated with mental health; or,
  • that highlights moments or incidents where general self-care was ignored due to lack of funds, lack of access, or lack of public awareness or acceptance.

December: “When the Water Comes…”

Submit work: 

  • that speaks to the power of water, or lack thereof; or,
  • that showcases the ability of individuals or communities to endure or overcome.

January: “Surviving Academia.”

Inspired by a recent podcast shared on NPR.com regarding the growing number of homeless college students in the US.

Submit work:

  • that speaks to the endurance and strength of students forced to overcome the rising cost of education, including adult learners struggling to pay for school and provide for their family;
  • that tackles the topic of decreasing access to livable wages for adjuncts and faculty; or,
  • that celebrates parents and family members who put their own lives and homes on the line to support students.

Manuscripts should be single-spaced.

For fiction, flash, and nonfiction, submit up to 1500 words.

Poetry submissions should be no longer than one page each and up to three pages maximum.

*Literary work only. 

*Rhetorically strong essays are of particular interest.

Click here for more information on submission guidelines.